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Oil refinement process process

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Description of refining workshop process:


Refining (suitable for soybean oil, taking into account vegetable oil, palm oil)

Mao oil passed from the hair oil filter from the warehousing irrigation area hair oil conveying pump to the refined workshopAfter miscellaneous, enter the quality flowmeter, and then heat it with the deodorized oil exchange R304A to enter the plate steam heater R203 to heated to 75-80 ℃ ±, and 80%of the phosphate into the cutter of the quantitative pump R204 intoThe tank R206A stays 15-30min, transported to the plate-type water cooler R208 to 60-75 ℃ ± by transporting pump R207, and the quantitative dilute alkali liquid added with the quantitative pump R210 (1 ~ 3ºbe ′ is generally used. Chemical refining is generally used.10 ~ 24ºbe ′) Enter the frequency conversion mixture R211 mixed and enter the neutralized reaction tank R211A for 30-45min. It is transmitted from the pump R212 to R213 to heated to 90 ℃ ±, and then enter the centrifuge.The separated soap foot enters the soap foot can be delivered outside the workshop, and the separated oil enters the plate heatware R216 to heated to 92 ° C ±, and then with the hot water R219 (the temperature of the hot water is kept 5-10 ℃ ±), 8 ~ 10ºBe ′ citric acid enters the centrifugal mixture R221 and enters the centrifugal separator R222, the wastewater enters the oil water separation box R265 from the pump R265A to the sewage treatment workshop, the oil enters the (third -level vacuum system) vacuum dryer R217 dehydrated, and thenEnter the color -off section.

Alkaline refining was pumped to the plate heater R252 to 115-130 ℃ ± through the conveyoring to the plate heater R252, and entered the (third -class vacuum system) white soil mixed tank R253, the white soil was transported to the white soil tank R254, the quantitative cylinder was automatically adjusted, and the mix of mixes was mixed.After 15-30min, the oil overflow enters (three-level vacuum system) off-color tower R255 stays 30-45min, and the passing pump R257 is separated from oil and white soil to the vertical filter.After the white soil is dried in the steam, the oil content can generally reach 25%±, the oil enters the temporary tank R260 (third -level vacuum system), and the conveyor pump R261 is transported to the bag filter R262 and then enters the stick filter R269, and then enters the enteringStinky section.

After the filtering of refined coloring oil, enter the gas analysis gas analysis gas R302 (third -level vacuum system), transport it from the pump R303 to the pipe tube heat exchanges R304, and then enter the column tube heat exchanges R306A (level 4 vacuum system)Then enter the high -voltage steam heater R305 to be heated to 240-280 ° C ± enter the deodorizing tower R306 (level 4 vacuum system).Container, the mixed gas is brought from the intermediate channel to the fatty acid capture device, the fatty acid capture enters the temporary tank R311, and the pump R312 is transported to the plate -type water cooler R313 to control at 40 ~ 60 ℃ ± (different oil temperature, etc.Different), keep the condensate with a circular volume of 20-45m3. The mixed gas in the capture is trapped in the spray cycle. When the temporary tank reaches a certain amount of balanceNitrogen (air pressure air) blows the air pipeline.After staying at 90-120min in the deodorant tower, enter the heat exchanger R306A (level 4 vacuum system), and then through the magnetic pump (shielding pump, no more than 180 ° C) R307 (no more than 250 ° C) pump to the heat exchange R304Remove oil and heat exchange, enter the heat exchanger R304A and coat oil to change heat, not exceed 250 ° C, enter the plate -type water cooler R308 to cool to less than 60 ° C, (add 50%saturated citric acid aqueous solution, or add antioxidant TBHQ (use it with useOil with a solution), or VE, etc.) After filtering the bag and stick polishing filter R309, add nitrogen into the warehousing area.

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