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Oil refinement process and operation manual

(full off -process process process)

1: process process


2: operation

2.1 pumping oil (or coarse hair oil) pump into the refined pot (generalOil oil impurities ≤0.2%) The amount of oil was about 75%of the refining cooker.

2.2 Alkali refinement:

Before alkaline refining, first do a good job of preparing alkaline refining, put the hot water tank and alkaline water tank according to the acid prices, impurities, color, color, alkaline refinement, and when the alkali refine, the required required when the alkali refine, the required needThe concentration of hot saline and alkali is ready for use.(Generally, the concentration of saline is 0.7 ~ 1%, the temperature is 65 ° C ~ 80 ° C, which is 5 ~ 10 ° C higher than the end temperature of the oil, or the same temperature.°, high be high by high BE °, depending on the quality of hair oil.)

Open the refined pot slowly (about 30 rpm/cents), stir slowly for 10 ~ 20 minutes, can remove most of the oil foam, and then cooperate with the cooperation.Under the effect of stirring, turn on the heating medium valve to warm the oil. When the oil temperature rises to 40 ~ 60 ° C, it is the initial temperature of the oil at this time.Turn off the oil heating valve, turn off the slow stir, turn on the fast stir (60 ~ 70 rpm/cents), at the same time open the alkaline box and alkaline liquid valve, and add the quantitative alkaline liquid that can be calculated in advance within 5-10 minutes, add it to the addition of it to 5 ~ 10 minutes, add it to the addition of it to 5 ~ 10 minutes, add it to the addition of it to 5 ~ 10 minutes, add it to the addition of it to 5 ~ 10 minutes, and add it to the addition of it to 5 ~ 10 minutes.Mao oil is in neutralized, generally the neutralization time is 10 ~ 40 minutes. At the same time, during this period, it is necessary to continue to observe with stainless steel spoons or dish.The temperature of the oil is rising, and the heating rate of the oil is 0.5-1 ° C/min. The final temperature of the oil is higher than the initial temperature of the oil at 10 ° C to close the heating medium valve.When you see that there is saponin condensation in the refined pot, when the oil can quickly precipitate the bottom in the spoon, turn off the mixer to allow the alkaline refining in the pot for 5 to 8 hours.Put the soap foot valve, clean all the soap feet, turn off this valve, transfer the alkaline oil to the water washing pot or wash it in the pot.

2.3 Washing:

Alkaline -made oil in the water washing pot, cooperate with slowly and rising the temperature, when the final temperature rises to 80 ° C, turn off the heating valve and turn on the hot saline prepared in advance to wash the oil (generally master the water time, generally master the water time, master the water generally mastering the water time.Between 5 and 10%, the amount of water is generally 8 ~ 10%of the oil weight). After the water is added, close the water added valve and turn off the mixer at the same time to make the oil precipitate in a static state for 1.5 to 2 hours.Turn on the valve (soap foot) valve below, and put all water and remnant soap, that is, the first time the water was washed. Generally, the water washing is 2 ~ 3 times.~ 3 times of water washing, the standard of water washing is: clean wastewater, low soap foam, no precipitation impurities, phenolic titles are neutral, water washing oil is not analyzed at 280 ° C high temperature test, which is qualified water washing oil.

2.4 dehydration:

Turn off all valves connected to the decocent cooker on the decolor, only open the vacuum valve on the pot, open the vacuum pump to pull the negative pressure, when the vacuum table on the pot display-0.6MPa or moreThen turn on the oil inlet valve connected to the water washing cooker, pull the water washing oil from the dehydration cooker into the decocent cooker. After all the oil enters the decocent cooker, turn off the oil -in -in -in -in -in -in -be connected to the dehydrated cooker, and then open the decocent cooker.Stir, turn on the heating valve of the oil-off pot to the oil, and increase the oil temperature to 100 ~ 120 ° C when the stirring is mixed. Keep it for about 30 minutes at this temperature. The negative pressure is kept above -0.8MPa.Observation, there are very few oily surface bubbles. There is no water droplets on the visual mirror, which can be regarded as dehydration. Theoretically requires that the water content of decocent oil cannot \u0026 gt; 0.1 ~ 0.15%, otherwise it will affect the decolority effect.

2.5 decolorization:

After the dehydration is completed, when the oil temperature is 100 ~ 120 ° C, close the oil heating valve, and mix the quantitative living agent to add the lust offer as soon as possible when the negative pressure is not lower than -0.85MPa as soon as possible.In the oil, the littering of the oil is bleached. The contact time between the toror and the oil at high temperature is generally about 20 minutes (or 30 minutes), and then turn off the vacuum pump to open the vacuum valve to reduce the vacuum to 0MPa.It can be completed. Generally, the addition of the color loss agent is 2 ~ 6%(bleaching soil), and the luminous agent is divided into bleaching soil, activated carbon, etc. The domestic is generally mainly used.For example, the proportion of mixed use of general activity carbon and bleaching soil is 0.3: 1, 0.5: 1, 1: 1, etc. Because the activated carbon is expensive, it is very small in general manufacturers, but the effects of all aspects are better than bleaching soil.use.

2.6 Filter:

A: Filter the decolorization oil in the case of mixing (at this time the decoloring cooker is normal pressure), open the oil inlet valve of the filter and the oil outlet valve and the oil filter machineWhen the oil out of the oil out, turn on the talcum pump to the oil in the decocent cooker. When the stirring is mixed, the oil is pumped slowly into the filter, and the oil is separated from the luminant until the oil filtration is filtered., Targetan pump, off -taolin oil outlet valve, filtering machine oil inlet valve, at the same time turn on the air pressure machine and the inlet valve on the filter machine, press the air in the filter, the oil flow from the oil outlet cannot be seen when the oil flow is too outdated, the oil out of the oil out of the oil, the oil is closedPortal valve, the filter section is over.

B: While turning off the oil outlet valve, the oil outlet valve is turned on, the oil outlet valve under the filter machine is turned off, and the oil pressure in the filter is returned to the coloring pot.The oil outlet valve below, the oil pressure section is over.

C: After blowing the dried oil oil section, while the oil outlet valve out of the filter is turned off, open the oil outlet valve to open the oil outlet valve, and blow out all the residual oil in the filter cake in the filter machine.-30min, turn off the air import valve and air compressor.Then open the filter machine to put the valve, put the pressure in the filter, open the waste soil outlet valve under the filter, open the vibrator at the same time, remove the waste soil, and blow the dry work section.The working pressure of the board frame filter is generally ≤0.35MPa.The general working pressure of the blade filter machine is ≤0.4MPa.

2.7 Decuded

Check all valves connected to the deodorized pot, turn on the vacuum valve with deodorizing, open the vacuum pump, and the vacuum in the deodorized pot reaches ≧6MPa or more, and open the valve to enter the deodorized oil.Inhale in the vacuum state, then turn off the deodorized oil into the valve, turn on the deodorant pot to heat the oil heating valve to treat the deodorant oil. When the oil temperature rises to 105 ~ 110 ° C, then slowly rises and directly steam valves.When treating deodorizing oil, starting deodorizing. When the oil temperature rises to 220 ° C-240 ° C, at high vacuum and high temperature, use 2-3 kg of pressure to directly steam steam.Steam, continue to work for about 0.5 hours under high temperature and high vacuum. The oil surface in the pot is calm, and waterless overflow can turn off the heating valve of the oil. In the case of maintaining high negative pressure (high vacuum), open dehydrationThe oil cooling valve on the pot starts to cool the oil in the pot. When the oil in the pot is cooled to below 80 ° C, the cooling valve and vacuum pump of the water are closed to open the vacuum valve, break the vacuum, so that the pot can be used to make the pot.When the pressure is 0MPA, the oil outlet valve and output pump at the bottom of the pot can be hit, and the deodorized oil is pumped into the refined oil tank. The refined section is over.

3: Note:

3.1 The concentration of alkali solution can be measured by Meng Pomegia.

3.2 When the coat oil is neutral (alkaline), the solid alkali (tablet), the formula and conversion of liquid alkali amount.

Skin solid alkali amount \u003d theoretical alkali amount+ultra -alkali quantity

Theoretical alkali amount \u003d 0.713x acid price X oil weight (calculating unit in tons) \u003d? Kg

ultra -alkali volume is generally theoretical alkali quantity,About 0.2%


liquid alkali \u003d total solid alkali volume/naOH percentage content 3.3 Book:

BE ° ---- Indicates: Mei Pommei (referred to as Pico).The concentration of liquid alkali can be measured with Mei Pomegia and the proper gravity.(Chemical glass instrument stores have four yuan for one)

1 NaOh ---- indicate: sodium hydroxide.(The general chemical store department is available, the content is 99-99%)

3.4 The content and proportion of the sodium hydroxide content and proportion of different waves of pateletine (15 ℃)

The weight of the alkaline liquid is converted into volume.

craftsmanship and operation description

1: Process flow

2: Operation description

2.1 Preparation before booting

Before the boot is turned onTo prevent flipping, whether the screws at the connection are loose, whether the reducer is refueling, whether the linked valve leaks oil, the reducer, water pump, oil pump, air compressor, and freezing units can be turned on after all inspections.Essence

2.2 Putting on the operation

Disposal oil cools down to 70 degrees in the deodorized pot, open the crystal tank into the oil valve, turn on the oil storage tank and oil pump, put the oil into the crystalline oil tank, wait for the oil level to rise to the crystalline tank height 90When %, turn off the oil pump and oil inlet valve, and turn on the crystal tank stirring device (10-13R/min) and the water inlet valve. Use water to cool the oil slowly, cool the cooling rate at 1-2 ° C/h to 40 degrees, keep 4-After 5 hours, turn on the frozen machine at a rate of 1-1.5 degrees per hour. When the oil temperature is cooled 32 ° C, the cooling is stopped, and the temperature will enter the crystal for 4-5 hours.Crystal tank oil outlet valves and screw pump oil pumps are filtered into winterized filter, the pressure is not greater than 0.4MPa, and the lipid retaining filter is flowing. The liquid flows from the oil outlet into the refined oil tank.Turn off the screw oil pump and oil outlet valve, open the winter filter filter board, remove the solid lipid, and complete the operation of the winterization.

Increased precautions and how to maintain maintenance

(1) The pressure in the boiler and steam generator must not exceed 0.6 MPa.The pipeline oil leakage phenomenon should be turned off in time to cut off the power supply oil pump power to ensure the safety of personal and equipment.

(2) Each connector of the steam pipeline should be tightly sealed, and the connection is reliable. There must be no leakage phenomenon.

(3) The operation of edible oil refining equipment must be fully maintained once every 4-6 months., Add enough lubricating oil and fat to the bearing box.Clear the dirt in the equipment, fasten the connected bolts in various places, and wipe the appearance of the edible oil refined equipment.

(4) Regularly check the reducer, motor and bearing lubricant to add lubricating oil.

(5) It is necessary to regularly check the height of the oil temperature in each gear box. If the oil temperature exceeds the scope of the specified range, measures should be taken immediately.

(6) The steam generator and water tank should clean the water inside without use to avoid scaling and freezing in winter.

(7) Gear pump maintenance and fault treatment

1. Timing check the pump outlet pressure, the outlet pressure is normal 0.3 MPa, and the over pressure operation is not allowed.

2. Check whether the pump tight bolt is loose, and there is no noise in the pump.

3. Check the filler box, bearings, shell temperature.

4. Check the leakage of the shaft seal.

(8) Vacuum pump inspection and processing

2BV series of water ring vacuum pumps are applicable to eliminate gas and water vapor, and the inhalation pressure can reach 33MBAR pressure (97%vacuum).When the water ring vacuum pump is close to the extreme vacuum (the saturated steam pressure of the working liquid) inhale pressure (the saturated steam pressure of the working liquid), it should be linked to the auto erosion protective tube to protect the pumps.Specific circumstances, decided to repair, replace or continue to use each part, which is essential to ensure the performance of the vacuum pump.

2. Bearing -check whether the bearings are flexible, if there are defects such as abrasion, it will be replaced.

3. Axis cover ─ If the wear is severe and the noise occurs, it must be replaced.

4. The leaf wheel -if the end surface is worn, the noise will be too large and affect the performance.2020-11-29_211341

5. The temperature control of circulating cooling water The temperature difference between the water ring in the vacuum pump and the softening pool water temperature is an important factor that causes scale.Therefore, increasing circulation water supply and increased cooling effect is an important guarantee to reduce the speed of scaling. Therefore, in the process of circulating cooling water, it is also necessary to monitor the return temperature and amount of water return of each pump to ensure the normal water supply of each pump and the regulations of the water return temperature of not exceeding 40 ° C.The water supply can be controlled by valve. If the temperature of the water return exceeds the regulations, it is necessary to take supplementation of low temperature and cold water or using other heat dissipation and cooling methods to reduce the temperature of the softening water in the softening pool. 6. Regularly flushing the pump body Water ring vacuum pump pump drainage valve, in addition to the pump accumulated water in the pump, can also use the water pressure running in the pump body to regularly rinse the dirt and dirt and the dirt andOn the one hand, water residue can prevent the accumulation of dirt, and the other party can also prevent the transformation of water residue into scale. The scaling of the vacuum pump has its complicated generating mechanism. Correctly analyzing the water quality indicators and operating parameters is the key to find out the correct preventive measures.In addition to water temperature control and regular rinse pumps, water treatment is an important part of preventing the pump body from scaling. 7. Structure and performance of thermal oil furnace and its auxiliary equipment. 1. Preparation before operation: A. Whether the equipment power supply is normal, whether there are broken phases, short circuit or naked lines.B. Check whether the connection at the grounding device is in good contact.C. Check whether the connection between the pipeline is where the heat conduction oil is leaked, whether the thermal oil pump is normal and whether the valve is intact.D. Check whether the temperature control system is normal.

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