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Introduction to the processing process of oil pressing machine

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Now the oil pressing machine has improved the power, pressure, and temperature, so it is very easy and convenient to work. First, the raw materials are filled out, and then the raw materials are softened by about 7-8%.You can be squeezed on the left and right.Squeezing oil is divided into cold and hot squeezing. In order to improve the oil output and the quality of the oil, heat squeezes are generally mainly.The two process processes are as follows:

Cold squeezing: rapeseed -screening -squeezing embryo -squeezing the rapeseed and mixing, and then checking the water content of rapeseed. If there is no detection equipmentThe rapeseed is squeezed. If there is a noise, it is divided into two pieces, or it is suitable for the oil squeeze.If it is too dry, add 2.5-3%of water, stop, and directly enter the oil press to squeeze.Squeeze it twice.

Hot squeeze: raw materials -screening -squeezing embryo -steaming -squeezed and screened rapeseed to mix, then enter the rolling embryo rolling embryo.In the process, 2-3%of water is added to the pot. After the fried seeds are brownish yellow, the temperature is 110 degrees -120 degrees, and it can be squeezed.

Pressing the peanut kernels: The hot squeezing cold squeezing of peanut kernels can be used, mainly hot squeezing (cold squeezing effect is not as good as hot squeez).When hot squeezing, first crush the peanut kernels or rolled the embryo, then steam in the steamer for 1.5-2 hours, the temperature reaches about 120 degrees, the water can be squeezed at about 3%of the water. When the temperature of the oil press reaches 85 degrees, it begins to be normalpress.If there is no steamer, you can also put the peanut kernels in the wok.First crush the peanut kernels, gradually add about 7-8%of the water, and stir-fry until dark yellow.

1. The cleaning and drying of the raw materials:

The raw materials entering the oil factory will inevitably carry some impurities.If you do n’t remove the dirt, stems and leaves such as sesame fruit before entering the small oil pressing machine, they will not only affect the quality of fat and cakes, but also adsorb part of the oil and reduce the oil output rate.If the sesame fruit is sandwiched, metal, metal, hemp rope and other debris, it will cause mechanical wear, etc., which will induce production accidents and affect the process effect.Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth progress of production, it is necessary to remove impurities as much as possible. Individual rapeseed fruits with high water content. It is also necessary for drying for drying.There are many methods for cleaning up, and different methods can be adopted according to impurities.If the impurities are light, such as grass, stems and leaves, etc., you can use the method of wind selection to blow the impurities with airflow.If the impurities particles are small, they can be selected to remove impurities.For impurities similar to rapeseed, if it belongs to the soil, it can be rubbed in the mud machine if it belongs to the soil block.If it is an iron impurities, it can be separated by electromagnet or permanent magnet.After cleaning, the impurities should be below.

2, thermal treatment (steaming):

Hot treatment is one of the important processes in the process of extracting the oil.Thermal treatment includes the humidity and heating of raw billets. In production, it is called steamed or stir -fry.The squeezed by the raw billet is called heat squeezing after heat treatment, and those who are not heated are called cold squeeze.The rapeseed is mainly hot squeeze.The effectiveness of thermal treatment has a direct impact on the smooth implementation of the entire oil -making process and the high and low oil rate, as well as the quality of oil and cakes.

3, squeezing:

Small oil pressing machine is a small oil press that is widely used in rural small oil plants. Its simple structure, high pressure, continuous treatment of materials, low labor intensity, can squeeze a variety of typesOil.Because its round squeezed strip is zigzag -shaped curve and cone surface, when the material is squeezed, the volume of the squeeze and squeezing and squeezing snails and squeezing the inner wall space of the squeezing snail continues to change.There are round squeezing strips, the inner wall of the squeezing cage is jagged. The ingredients are squeezed and relaxed here alternately.There are more opportunities for the ingredients to be squeezed.Therefore, its squeezing effect is better.

In fact, if the oil squeeze is high, it must be refined.The purpose of refining is to go out of impurities and treatment of the squeezed oil.This includes: hydrophilic, neutralized, dehumidifying, dehumidifying.But the user of a small processing oil is not so complicated at all.What is the effect of removing glue? Glipping is a color that increases fuel, and it makes it easy for oil to use.So after this process, this problem can be solved.Make the processed oil better, look better, and also remove harmful substances to the human body.So refining can improve the quality of oil products.Therefore, the oil production line is: peeling and screening dual -use machine → fried machine → oil press → refining.

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