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Immence the legal oil process technology

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1) The classification of immersion legal oil process According to the operation method, the processed method of immersion method can be divided into intermittent immersion and continuous immersion:

① intermittent immersion embryo enters the immersorThe process operations such as injection and thick mixing oil are all types of processing processes in batches, interruptions, and periodic immersion.

② Continuous immersion embryo enters the immersion, removed from the self -immersion of the meal, the injection of fresh solvents, and the extraction of thick mixing oil. The continuous immersion process belongs to this process type.

Press the contact method, the leaching legal oil process can be divided into immersion, spray immersion, and hybrid immersion.The soaked immersion equipment includes tanks, and there are bows, U -shaped and Y -shaped immerses.

④ no spray immersion solvent in the spray state and the formation of the ingredients to complete the immersion process is called a spray immersion.

⑤ Mixed immersion. This is a combination of spraying and immersion.

(2) The production method can be divided into direct immersion and pre -squeezing immersion according to the production method:

① Direct immersion and direct immersion is also called \"one immersion\".It is the process of leaching oil production directly after the oil is processed.This process is suitable for low oil content.

② Premature immersion and premium immersion oil take out some of the oil after pre -squeezing, and then make the cake with higher oil -containing cakes for leaching the process.This process is suitable for oil with high oil content.

(3) The selection basis for the leaching process and whether the basic process process is proceeded smoothly, which is closely related to the selected process process. It directly affects the quality, production cost, production capacity and operation of the oil plant after productionThere are many aspects such as conditions.Therefore, the advanced and reasonable process should be adopted.The basis for selecting the process process is:

① Depending on the variety and nature of the raw materials, select different process processes, such as processing cottonseed, the process process is: cottonseed → cleaning → peeling → benevolent → benevolent → benevolentShell separation → softening → rolling embryo → steaming → pre -squeezing → immersion; if the rapeseed is processed, the process process is: rapeseed → clearing → rolling embryo → steaming → pre -squeezing → immersion;Different, determine whether it is immersed or pre -squeezed.As mentioned above, rapeseed and cottonseed kernels are highly oil -containing raw materials, so a pre -squeezing leaching process should be used.If the oil content of soybeans is low, it should be an immersion process.Soy → clear selection → broken → softening → rolling embryo → drying → immersion;

② according to the requirements of products and by -products, the requirements for selection of products and by -products are different, and the process conditions should also be changed.To extract protein powder for soybean meal, soybeans are required to peel off to reduce the content of crude fiber and relatively improve the protein content.→ Immerse meal → baking → cooling → crushing → high -protein soybean flour

③ Select oil factories with large production capacity according to the production capacity.You can choose relatively simple craftsmanship and equipment.If the daily processing capacity of more than 50 tons can be considered as a dipping workshop for a paraffin oil -tail gas absorption device and a freezing gas recycling solvent.

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