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Refining process description

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In recent years, with the strong advocacy of \"green and environmentally friendly food\" at home and abroad and the great improvement of people's living standards, strong peanut oil has become more and more popular with consumers and has become one of the oil products for exporting foreign exchange.Therefore, the fragrant peanut oil system and refining technology have become a hot topic for research on oil technology workers.Based on the engineering practice of our college, this article summarizes a set of fragrant peanut oil production and refining processes for reference.

1.1 Craft Description

The peanut kernels in the raw library pass the low temperature adjustment device, so that the temperature of the raw material is about 15 ° C, the moisture is less than 9.5%, and then use the conveyor equipment to clean and classifiers.Miscellaneous, and then sieved the granules with large granules (about 15%-20%of the processing volume), and the rest are small granules with small granules.After two different levels (mainly refer to the size of the particles and the whole grain), the peanut kernel enters the pressing workshop, and through different process routes, the small granules are crushed, tied, and fired.The large granules were cooled through the frying seeds of the Minghuo fire seeder, and then after the crushing and the wind absorbing the red clothes, they also entered the auxiliary steaming cylinder of the squeezing machine.The oil tank sinks, and the residue (the obtained residue is squeezed), you can enter the gum -off workshop to process the fragrant peanut oil: the pressed cake out of the oil machine to immerse the workshop to further extract the remaining oil in the cake.

1.2 Process Features

The difference between the production of the fragrant peanut oil and the removal of ordinary oil and oil is mainly to clean, classify and expose fire -fried seeds.After the raw materials are classified, the peanut kernels that are separated from large particles must be mixed with the billets made of conventional craftsmanship with a proper proportion.Scent.The hierarchy is mainly to avoid small granules from fried, which affects the flavor: speculation seeds mainly obtain the special fragrance of peanut peanuts.

2.1 Craft Description (Taking 250T pressure pressing peanut oil as an example)

Peanut oil from the squeezing workshop, enter the balance tank to temperature, and then dynamically filter at the first normal temperature, combined with miscellaneous and dehydrated.The filtration temperature is controlled at 40 ° C, and the filter should be added before filtering.The operation process is as follows: cool in the balance tank, add filter aid, and stir with electromagnetic speed.The diameter of the balance tank is 2200mm, the number is 18, and the heat exchange area is about 40 square meters.The filter machine uses a plate frame or box filter machine. The filter cloth adopts a normal filter cloth with a filter area of about 500-700 square meters.

The second way is to be filtered first and then filtered.After the first dynamic filtration, the oil was cooled to 15-20 ° C, and the sedimentation was set to 15D in the daily can, and then filtered.Fang.

2.2 Process requirements

(1) In order to ensure the flavor of the fragrant peanut oil, the oil temperature adjustment after daily tanks should be kept at about 15-20 ° C:

(2) Add aid filter before the first filtering.The agent has two main functions. On the one hand, it is used to absorb water, and on the other hand, the pre -filtering role is:

(3) The second filter medium uses a layer of filter cloth and a layer of process filter paper:

(4)The daily tank area adopts a low-temperature adjustment device (蕞 There is an air-conditioned room) to keep the workshop temperature of about 15-20 ° C.The refrigeration unit's refrigeration volume is about 116.3kW/h (100,000 kcal/h).

3 Oil storage

Since the fragrant peanut oil is made of peanut kernels, this is a non -dry vegetable oil (iodine value is generally less than 125) and contains a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids (oily acid 50 50)%-65%, 18%-30%linoleic acid), so it is easy to deteriorate and recover.In order to prevent the finished product thick peanut oil from deteriorating, semi -underground storage is generally used during storage. Putting on the top of the glass turtle greenhouse or directly cooling the water tray pipe in the jar to control the storage temperature of the finished fragrant peanut oil to below 20 ° C to ensure storage storageOver 6 months without deterioration.

4 End language The fragrant peanut oil system is a emerging research topic. There are many researchers and there are no ways to do this, but each has its own thousands of autumn.The process is applied in practice, which has achieved success, and the economic benefits are relatively significant. However, the disadvantage of the process is that the sinking time is long, the low temperature library capacity must be designed, and the one -time investment is relatively high.Therefore, there are also places worth further discussing and discussing.

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